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Rescue Dog Training

Effective Rescue Dog Behavior Training & Obedience Training in Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania

Help your rescue dog feel more at home with behavior training from Northeast Dog Training and Behavior of the Lehigh Valley PA, and Northeast Pennsylvania. We specialize in helping families connect with rescued dogs so everyone can live more comfortably.

Making a House a Home

Every dog deserves a good home. Many shelter rescue dogs struggle with the transition or have behavioral issues. As Behaviorists and Trainers who specialize in rescue dog behaviors, we recognize that most poor behaviors are caused by confusion in the dogs new environment and not because the dog is "bad." Most rescue dogs need direction-as opposed to correction. This is why simply yelling at the dog is counter productive. We work with your rescue dog to pinpoint what behaviors are causing problems and fix them. Many dogs are thought to be bad or untrainable, but most often they’re just confused, needing proper direction. We give rescue dogs the extra one-on-one time they need to adjust to their new home and resolve any confusion.

We see too many rescue dogs get stuck in a cycle of bouncing from one home to another without hope, and our goal is to break that cycle. Through our 3 month unlimited training program your dog will learn the rules of their new home and come to recognize you as their pack leader. This can be a difficult process without the help of an experienced trainer/behaviorist. Remember, half of dog training is people training. We work with you and your dog every step of the way through our 3 month unlimited training program to resolve behavioral issues and bring you together as one happy family.

At Northeast Dog Training and Behavior of the Lehigh Valley we are committed to insuring that our clients who have opened their hearts and homes to their new or existing shelter rescue dogs are able to live in harmony with them. For this reason we offer a special discount for all rescue dogs in an attempt to stop the cycle of being bounced from one place to another or as in all too many cases, being unnecessarily euthanized.

We offer our unique shelter rescue dog training program in Lehigh Valley Pa, Bucks County Pa, Berks County Pa, Montgomery County Pa, Monroe County Pa, Carbon County Pa, Schuylkill County Pa, and all of Northeast Pa.

Contact us in Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania, to learn how to help your rescue dog adjust with our behavior training program.