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My family and I just want to thank Michael and Greg for the wonderful in home sessions we had with them for our newly bought puppy, Ruby. Ruby is our first official family pet, she joined our two year old twins. At first, we were hesitant to get a puppy because we were already chasing around twins but when we came across Ruby from a breeder; we instantly fell in love. She obviously was a baby when we brought her home so she was full of energy, jumping, chewing, and not potty trained. So at the same time my husband and I were potty training our twins, we had to potty train Ruby. A family friend informed us of Northeast Dog Training., so we gave it a whirl. Within the first month, Ruby was potty trained/ crate trained, she had stopped the jumping up, AND the playful biting. We truly became a family thanks to the help of Northeast Dog Training. Thanks so much. - Jenny, Bob, Robbie, Ryan and Ruby - Emmaus PA

I have nothing but gratitude and praise for Denise and Michael. We currently have a 7 year old pit mix and recently took in a 4 month old blue nose pit. Roger our 7 yr old pit mix became territorial more and began peeing to mark his space. Rex, our new pit puppy began to display anxiety issues after Roger started marking his territory. Pit bulls already are a discriminated breed of dog, and most of society is completely unaware of how loveable they are. So just to be safe we looked into getting BOTH our new puppy and 7 yr old trained so their issues didn’t turn into aggressive behaviors. Michael and Denise came into our home and not only helped to break both Roger and Rex out of their behavioral issues, but also taught myself and family how to continue to be their pack leader. Roger and Rex are the best of brothers now. Thanks again. - The Bauers - Bethlehem PA

I have been an avid dog lover for over 25 years, I volunteer at local animal shelters and also foster dogs until they are able to be adopted. Recently though, I fostered a boxer mix named Leilah. For whatever reason I just felt this unbelievable connection with her. She clearly was a rescue dog because she came to the shelter malnourished, bite marks on her face, and with a limp. The shelter was about to deem her unadoptable due to her behavior. I felt that I could help her, Northeast Dog Training and Behavior was recommended by a friend. Michael and Jeff were always with us and by our side throughout the entire training process. By the end of the three month program, Leilah was no longer the scared, anxiety ridden dog I laid eyes on in the shelter. She was a thriving, spirited new dog. Words cannot express how grateful I am towards Jeff and Michael, whether they are aware or not, they literally saved my Leilah’s life. - Emily R - Reading, PA

The trainers at Northeast Dog Training & Behavior are literally a miracle. Our 2 year old lab was a big goof ball. Completely unaware of his surroundings and wouldn’t listen to anyone or anything. We originally assumed that it was just puppy behavior but when he didn’t grow out of it after the first year we knew we were in trouble. He would chew furniture and take us on walks instead of our family taking him on walks. We searched and searched online until we came across Northeast Dog Training. My husband and I were hesitant at first until we talked to a staff member on the phone. Two trainers came out to our home within a week after the phone call and went over the entire training process with us. Within several hours after that our lab no longer took US on walks, and the destroying of the furniture had almost completely stopped. They taught US how to be dog trainers. Thank you. - Jennifer, Bob, and Aimee - Kutztown PA

I would like to thank Northeast Dog Training and Behavior for turning our nervous dog into a calmer, more peaceful dog. Roxy our mixed huskie had always for some odd reason been a nervous dog. Her nervousness would have different levels, the two levels mostly being a scared/anxious nervous or an excited nervous. Both sides caused her to either run and hide or jump up on walls, furniture, people, counter tops, etc. I came across Northeast Dog Training after feeling hopeless. By the second month of the three month program Roxy had pretty much stopped jumping on everything all together, and was very well behaved. By the last month the trainers helped me to work out her nervousness. By the end of the program she had stopped any type of nervous behavior. When I would feel like she was slipping back into any nervous behavior I would call Northeast Dog Training and a trainer would walk me step by step throughout the training process again. Most training facilities come, train your dog, and leave. So if the dog regresses then its up to you to fix it. But Northeast Dog Training eliminates that fear for any owner by going over what was covered throughout the training process and keeping not only myself on track but also Roxy on track. Mary and Roxy- Macungie Pa.

My family and I have nothing but gratitude for Northeast Dog Training. Our adopted puppy was a nightmare with a cute face. He peed everywhere and anywhere, would steel any kind of shoe he could find and ate all my wife’s flowers in her garden. Northeast Dog Training and Behavior came in and completely put all of OUR anxiety to rest. They trained our puppy and within several weeks he was a new puppy with a cute face AND a cute personality. Thanks again guys! John and Terry Miller- Quakertown PA

Amazing! I had taken my new puppy to puppy school at our local pet store. After six weeks of trying to get her to listen to my commands, she was no better than when we started the training. She failed the course and I was offered a half price re-do course for another 6 weeks. I was quite frustrated and decided to try something else. I called Northeast dog Training after seeing an ad in the paper for a 3 month in home training program. After speaking with Mike I decided to give it a try. He explained to me that my puppy wasn't looking to me for leadership and that is why she was ignoring my commands. Mike explained to me that the 3 month program is designed to teach me how to be a pack leader. After the first session I was amazed. In 2 hours time I was actually able to have my puppy listening to my commands. I spent 6 weeks trying to do it at the pet store, and in 2 hours with Greg (our trainer) she was actually listening. We have completed the program now and she is the most behaved dog in our neighborhood. Thank you so much. Your training is amazing. - Pat and Bella - Allentown, PA

Best money I ever spent! - My dog Harley, a 2 year old German Shepherd was completely out of control. I couldn't walk him cause he would pull me down the street. He barked at everything and anything non stop and would jump on everyone coming through my door. He was a cyclone in the house, stealing anything that wasn't nailed down. He was constantly driving me nuts! He was embarassing me. My friend told me to call Northeast dog training as he had used them to train his dog with great success. I told him I didn't think Harley could be trained! Boy was I wrong. Within 3 hours Greg had Harley walking by his side. Then he showed me how to do it. Unbelievable! Harley was actually walking with me, not pulling me down the street! He also taught Harley not to jump on people, and not to steal my stuff. It was like I had a new dog in 3 hours time! By the end of the training program Harley listens to all my commands and is no longer a cyclone in my house. People actually say what a nice dog he is when I walk him now. They aren't the cheapest training in town, but I guess you get what you pay for! Awesome! Thanks again. John and Harley - Milford NJ

My husband an I would like to thank Northeast Dog Training for the awsome in home training sessions we had with our dog Bella. Bella is a pit bull that we rescued from the local shelter. During what Greg referred to as the " honeymoon phase" she was perfect....then the unthinkable happened...she bit a family member...needless to say we were extremely upset...we knew we had to address the situation asap. We didnt want to have someone tell us how to teach basic comands....we wanted to understand and help bella become a well adjusted and happy dog! The methods that Northeast use really work..not only do they address the dog issues, but also the people issues too. Northeast taught us invaluable tools that we have incorporated into our daily lives with Bella and we are happy to report that Bella is on the road to becoming a very happy , well adjusted family member! Thank you again Northeast Dog Training!! - The Klett family and Bella - Womelsdorf PA

Thank you soooo much guys! We are in awe of how quickly Northeast dog training was able to fix our dog's crazy behaviors. We actually thought he couldn't be trained. Afterthreeyears of puting up with Dozer stealing the kids food, jumping on the counter and knocking the kids down (me and my husband too!) We just couldn't believe how quickly they trained him not to act that way. This is the best money we ever spent on dog training. Thanks again guys. The Quigley Family - Perkasie PA